2022 Koç University Summer Research Program:

Project title: Valorization of lignocellulosic waste for advanced functional materials

Students: Tuna Sağdan (Robert College), Buse Yılmaz-Paksoy (Robert College)

2021 Koç University Summer Research Program:

Project title: A journey into the world of soft matter

Hosted two high school students

Students: Buse Yılmaz-Paksoy (Robert College), Beste Baban (Robert College)

Student reflection:

(Beste Baban)

I attended the Koç University Summer Research Program the summer after my junior year in high school. I have made up my mind that I wanted to study chemical engineering in college, but I have never had experience in university-level chemistry or engineering other than in some competitions I competed in. When I got admitted to the Chemical and Biological Engineering major’s “A Journey into the World of Soft Matter” program I was very anxious because I did not know much about the contents of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the time, and I was not sure whether I would like it or not. After starting the courses with Prof. Senses and learning more about Chemical and Biological engineering I was confident about my chosen major and much more informed about various interesting topics I would soon continue learning in university. Thanks to Prof. Senses’s teachings and everything I have learned in KUSRP, I am ready for what chemical engineering has to offer me in the future when I continue my education at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor as a chemical engineering major next fall. I am grateful for everything I learned in my summer research with Prof. Senses, and I believe that the information I gained from his lectures will aid me throughout the rest of my education and beyond